AUCTIONBID has specialized in the auction service for over 25 years. Our experts know the different types of equipment from brands to value. Also other areas of expertise are franchises, woodwork shops, manufacturing plants, heavy equipment, gym equipment, hardware, overstocked inventory, household estates, art, paintings, corporate offices, real estate, and charity auctions. We also take items in on consignment and GET YOU TOP CASH. We've arranged both current and past auctions in days not weeks. 

Vision: To establish Auctionbids On-Site and On-Line Paramount of honesty and integrity adding a personal touch as the foundation of our business. 

Mission Statement: Our goal is to get the highest bid for each item or lot. We bridge the gap between buyers and sellers to provide a seamless experience for all by upholding the highest standards of auctioneering and by matching the latest technology with old school practices. 

We specialize in SOUTH FLORIDA  Businesses, Home Estates and Real Estate. With our network of over 60 years of experienced auctioneers we can handle any type of auction bringing you the results and satisfaction. Whether you are selling or buying WE CAN HELP, so contact us today.