Another Restaurant Closes Due To Covid19

In Palm Beach County The Grand Lux Café, a 15-year fixture at the Town Center mall in Boca Raton, will close at the end of January. A parent-company representative informed city officials and Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) in a Nov. 23 letter. The closing, which is expected on Jan. 31, 2022 is very unfortunate. Upon going to the Grand Lux Café we met with upper management for some information on the possibility of holding an online auction for the contents. The management explained that the Mall which is owned by the Simon Company would be taking over some of the contents which is stated in the lease. The parent company that also owns Cheese Cake Factory would distribute equipment throughout their other locations. An article was written by The Palm Beach Post which stated, 101 employees would soon be out of a job. The latest news that auctionbid found out was that all 101 employees were being saved and would be placed into other nearby company restaurants. As you know, business conditions rapidly and suddenly deteriorated during the continuing COVID-19 crisis, national emergency, and state and local shutdown orders,” Greathouse wrote to state and Aventura city officials in October 2020. “The Grand Lux Café markets have softened over a period of several months and this was anticipated to continue.” Although the restaurant was always busy it still demanded more revenue to stay open. The problem was they were operating on to small margin forcing corporate to announce the closing of this great giant of a restaurant. The plans have already been drawn to open up other locations with smaller settings. The idea is to go from 10,000 sq ft restaurant to 7500 sq ft. restaurants keeping down the overhead and creating more profits. There have been many similar situations of restaurant closings throughout this past year. The cause of these events are from higher food cost, rent increases and decrease in people dining out. When restaurants are left with no choice but to close, auctions are always an option. In 2021 Covid-19 has left many businesses in limbo not knowing what to do. Call now for a free evaluation and information on how we can help.

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Michael Grosso