Auction Pre-View

Many auction goers are first time buyers and have no experience in the auction process. When auctions are posted and you see items you have interest in, this is what you do. First of all try the machine out if mechanical or walk around the item to get a good idea on condition. The best way to see the value in an item is to look for the manufacturer, serial number or model number. Other ways to look is by the artist name or name of a collection. Try to get a value of the item and continue to look it over. If it's electric make sure the building has electric so you can try it without taken a chance of buying something damaged. When looking the item over make sure it has all the accessories, parts etc. Once you win the bid, it's yours. Parts, accessories, operational cost money and you could be overpaying for an item. Make sure all the pieces or attachments are with the item or else it could end up being a bad deal. If you see a machine for instance and the machine doesn't have a power cord, stay away from it. It would be possible that the machine doesn't work, costing you money to repair or simply through away.Home