Auction Services and what you need to know before hiring an auctioneer!

Choosing the right auction services can be difficult! Understanding the how, and when and who is all answered below for auctioning your home, business or estate...


Before you begin choosing an Auction Service, you need to know the following:

What is an Auction Pre-view?

Many auction goers are first time buyers and have no experience in the auction process. When auctions are posted and you see items you have interest in, this is what you do. First of all try the machine out if mechanical or walk around the item to get a good idea on condition. See more

Why a Consignment Auction?

Auctions come in many forms from a complete business to several items to consignment. Many individuals who have items in storage or sitting around amounting to nothing, may consider consignment. The idea of selling an item or items and not costing you anything, may be attractive. See More