Auction Services in Dade County

Our services cover the Dade County areas with business auctions, liquidations, and consignment of items. If you are looking to downsize your business and sell off items no longer needed, we can help. Since the Covid Crisis we have had many calls about what we do. The Covid time frame has put many businesses of all sizes wondering if it was possible for them to recover from such hard times. Many businesses unfortunately have closed due to lack of business and getting workers to staff the positions. Many businesses are coming back and able to stay in business. It may be to early to know what will be in the future for them. Some businesses are re-inventing themselves and trying to see what will work better for these times.

Dade County restaurants started to remodel around the idea of social distancing and being more creative on the customer flow. Some restaurants have not made any changes and hoping for the best. Other type of businesses has made other type of adjustments such as office employees working from home eliminating the office and corporate gatherings. Zoom has been a means of corporate and communicating business practices. Dade County has many businesses that have made these changes and have been working well. Some have not been able to function properly again creating a large deficit which puts hardship on the business owners. Dade County is strong and hardy which means most businesses will recover. In the event the businesses don’t recover, auctions are a very good opportunity when business becomes a loss. Our company comes prepared to get you top dollar in your Dade County businesses. Give us a call for a free business evaluation of your assets.