Auction Services in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is the second largest county in the state of Florida. With so many homes and condo’s in the county, buying and selling them are huge. Auctionbid offers Estate Auctions in all The Palm Beach County township areas. Reasons why people resort to an Auction Sale would be either they may be downsizing to a smaller living environment, a loved one has passed away, job transfer, wanting to be closer to family, in debt or divorce. An Estate Auction sale is held with the intent of selling all contents opposed to a yard sale or garage sale which is when items are sold when they are no longer needed. Weekly Estate Auctions are held constantly in Palm Beach County with good results ranging into the thousands depending on the volume and content value. At Estate Auctions you can find anything from fine furnishings, collectable art work, jewelry, music collections, coin collections, assorted tools, clothing, automobiles, lawn furniture, golf carts, appliances, electronics and much more. When Estate sales are contracted, we know how to set up and organize the correct way. Auctionbid will go the extra mile in merchandising the right way. We think of an Estate Auction sale as a store front with many buyers. The cleanliness and set up is the very most important part of the success of the Auction sale. With so many Palm Beach County residents coming and going town to town and state to state, Estate Auctions are a good choice. Items that may not be part of the Auction or Liquidation would be locked up inside a closet or room keeping out of view of the bidders.

At our Palm Beach County Auctions, we control the buyers and let them know we have Strick rules. We let them know that they are on camara, that price changers and shop lifters will be prosecuted. Auctionbid also announces that children under 13 are not permitted in the Auction. Children are great but when conducting business this can be a problem. People understand and shouldn’t take offense to this auction practice. If you would like to keep up with our auctions, sign up for Auction Alerts on our home page. Once you sign up, we will keep you updated on Auctions we may have coming up in Palm Beach County areas.