Auctionbid is new in the State of Florida and will be bringing you competitive buys and excitement. Our service is for hire immediately in which we are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Please feel free to give us a call for your auction needs. Our Team of 60 year experienced affiliate auctioneers will bring you the results that it takes to accomplish our goal to you the seller. Our goal is to bring you the most TOP CASH possible for your contents or real es- tate. For the sellers it is quick and easy bringing you cash fast. The buyers will always pay the amount that is best for them bringing the value that they feel most cost competitive with.


The On-Line wave of bidding auctions offers a wide variety of goods and enormous platform for trade. They provide buyers with virtual buying abil- ity to purchase items from their homes, work, or on their smart phones. This makes it easy to win the bid when not present at the live auction site. With an endless range of merchandise from week to week this gives the sellers a storefront from which to market and sell to the highest bidders. This also includes national retailers auctioning off excess inventory or equipment. Fell free to call us with any questions you may have.

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AUCTIONBID Has Specialized in the food service industry for over 25 years. Our experts know the

different type of equipment from brands to value. Also other areas of expertise are franchises, wood-
work shops, manufacturing plants, heavy equipment, gym equipment, hardware, overstocked inven-
tory, house hold estates, art, paintings, corporate offices, real estate, and charity auctions. We also

take items in on consignment and GET YOU TOP CASH. We arrange auctions in days not weeks.

Vision: To establish Auctionbids On-Site and On-Line Paramount of honesty and integrity adding a
personal touch as the foundation of our business.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to get the highest bid for each item or lot. We bridge the Gap be-
tween buyers and sellers to provide a seamless experience for all by upholding the highest standards

of auctioneering and by matching the latest technology with old school practices.
We specialize in SOUTH FLORIDA Businesses, Home Estates and Real Estate. With our network of
over 60 years of experienced auctioneers we can handle any type of auction bringing you the results
and satisfaction. Whether you are selling or buying WE CAN HELP.

Let us get you top dollar for your contents at your location along with our NEW ON-LINE PLATFORM with over 600,000 followers. To all the businesses that may be distressed and no way out, WE CAN HELP. Our Auctions are treated with honesty and integrity bringing the BEST results. With more than 60 total years of combined experience along with our affiliate partnered Auctioneers. We take great pride in bringing results to you. Our Auction experience and knowledge can support the following area’s of contents and property. Business Auctions such as Gyms, Restaurant of all kind, Corporate Offices, Heavy Construction Equipment such as Excavators, Bull Dozers, Tractors, Hi-Lows, Over Stocked Warehouses, Industrial Sites such as Manufacturing, Large Distribution Centers, Collectable Cars, Fine Art, Gun Collectables, Hospitality such as Hotels, Farm Equipment such as Combines, Loaders, Trailers, Tractors, Jewelry such as Rolex Watches, Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Neck Laces, Fashion Bracelets, Fine Art and Deco Art, with FREE APPRAISALS and Real Estate such as Homes, Commercial Buildings, Condo’s, Town Houses and Land.