Auctions come in many forms from a complete business to several items to consignment. Many individuals who have items in storage or sitting around amounting to nothing, may consider consignment. The idea of selling an item or items and not costing you anything, may be attractive. Some folks may have been in business before and put several items in a storage facility or items just might be in the way could take interest in this offer. Take your items out of storage, professionally prepared and get ready for sale sounds pretty good. This would be a very wise decision for someone never ever going back into business or never using the items for what it was intended to for. Consignment opportunity is the way to go being the cost of the service is no cost to the consignor eliminating the further cost of storage and in some cases moving and storage are also no expense to the owner of the items. Storage fees add up every month making the item or items less valuable each month that passes. Check in and inquire about the benefits of consignment. Each situation is different so call today for a free analysis of items you may consider for consignment. A short story, we had a customer that had valuables in a storage unit for over 2 years and didn't realize the amount of expense he accumulated. When we sat down to discuss his options the amount he had paid was over $9,000.00. We advised Mr. Johnson to consign the items to us in order to stop the storage overhead. After Mr. Johnson signing the consignment form and the removing process, the items were placed into a live auction. Now the items were merchandised and all the inventory went to the on-line timed auction and later to the live auction. At the end of the auction, Mr. Johnson's items totaled up to $7,900.00. After the auction fee was taken out Mr. Johnson ended up with $6,715.00. So after 2 years of paying storage fees of $9,000.00 and receiving from the auction $6,715.00 he was still out $2,285.00. Consignment is the way to go when likely enough you won't be using the items anymore. Always give a call before deciding to put items into storage.