Differences Between Estate Sale and Auctions

ESTATE SALE: Are a good way to sell your personal property of a loved one who has recently passed away. It is a hard decision figuring out what to do next. Now you are faced with should I call an Auctioneer or Estate Sales Liquidator. Sometimes it is the same company with different choices to offer. For instance a Liquidator can come in and arrange for all or certain amount of items to be sold. An Estate Sale allows home owners, real estate brokers, consignment shops, e-bayers, collectors, resellers and dealers to buy at very reasonable pricing. Often bids are accepted so that the professional can get the most money for the items for sale. Estate Sales are able to have to ways to sell the items, on-line and live in home sales. Many different forms of advertising start to take place. Auctioneers usually have a large mailing list and different types of platforms to promote theses home estate sales. The advantages of having an Estate Sale is

. Every item can be individually priced
. You get the help of professionals
. You don’t have to pay for storage or moving expenses
. The complete sale takes place in the estate
. Commissions are competitive and reasonable
. Sales take two or three days giving longer time to sell the items
. Auctioneer handles all the advertising and signage
. Most estate sale companies settle with their clients within 2 weeks

AUCTION: Many people are familiar with how auctions work. Now a days platforms are a way to bid on-line from anywhere, this is called internet bidding. Usually on-line auctions are timed for whatever time is available, usually 10days would be the run time. After 10 days the auction would go live at the estate site, creating on-line and live bidders, bidding against each other. The win goes to the highest bid and on to the next item up for bid. Auctions also get loaded up onto social media platforms giving the auction a wide spectrum of resources for auction goers and estate auction searches to find the where and when about the upcoming event. In many situations auctioneers will first offer to buy the estate and then offer the auction choice. Either way the choice is up to the estate executor.
The advantages of having an Auction is

. Auctions are generally one day
. Auctions attack excitement
. Competitive bidding increases the bidding up, creating what the market is willing to pay
. Some auction houses will relocate items to Auction House for weekly in house sales
. No storage expenses to deal with
. After sale settlement reports are generated and emailed to estate owner
. After sale clean ups are usually offered for additional fee
. Commissions are depending on the amount of work it takes to get ready for the auction day
. Internet bidding has a wide range of viewers, going into the millions
. All advertising and event handling is by auction company

These Are Your Choices in Selling an Estate

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