Different Ways to Bid in a Auction

  1. In Person Bidding:
    • Traditional Auction House: Attend the auction in person at a physical auction house. Raise your hand or bidding paddle to signal your bid.
    • On-Site Auctions: Some auctions take place on-site at the location of the items being sold, such as a restaurant or business. Attendees bid in person, often using hand gestures or verbal cues.
  2. Absentee Bidding:
    • Proxy Bidding: Submit a maximum bid to the auction house before the auction begins. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf, up to your specified maximum, during the live auction.
    • Written Absentee Bids: Submit written bids on a form provided by the auction house prior to the auction. The auctioneer will execute these bids during the live auction.
  3. Phone Bidding:
    • Register with the auction house to bid over the phone during the live auction. A representative from the auction house will call you during the auction to relay bids and execute your bids on your behalf.
  4. Online Bidding:
    • Participate in auctions remotely through online bidding platforms. Register with the auction house’s website or a third-party platform, browse catalog listings, and place bids online in real-time during the live auction.
    • Some online auctions also offer pre-bidding or absentee bidding options, allowing participants to place bids on items before the live auction begins.
  5. Mobile Apps:
    • Some auction houses offer mobile apps that allow users to bid on auctions directly from their smartphones or tablets. These apps often provide real-time bidding notifications and updates, making it convenient to participate in auctions on the go.
  6. Live Stream Bidding:
    • Join a live stream of the auction hosted by the auction house. Bid in real-time through online bidding platforms while watching the auctioneer and hearing the bidding activity.
  7. Sealed Bid Auctions:
    • In a sealed bid auction, participants submit their bids privately to the auctioneer before a specified deadline. Bids are then opened and the highest bidder wins the item.

When considering which bidding method to use, it’s important to factor in considerations such as convenience, accessibility, and your comfort level with the bidding process. Additionally, be sure to review the auction house’s terms and conditions, including any bidding fees or registration requirements, before participating in an auction.


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