Growing Sub Divisions and HOA’s

In the last 5 years the home values have increased by 78% and the same trend is projected for the next 5 years. In the last year of 2022 the Florida housing market has grown by 33.1%. In this case developers are buying land parcels and building new construction homes creating new communities. Many smaller builders are contracted to build a certain amount of homes creating jobs and more construction work. These projects require a work force along with heavy machinery to build the infrastructure such as roadways, foundations, ponds and other area’s of community development. Construction companies are always in need for heavy equipment and 1 way for them to buy is through Auctions. This process is when the company owners or purchase agents attend On-Line or Live Auctions and get great value for the price they pay. Auctions are the Best way to aquire what they need to do the right job for the right price. Ideal equipment for developers would be back hoes, bull dozers, excavators, bob cats, graders, trailers, pickup trucks, generators, and power tools. When these Auctions are posted either through Auction Sites such as, social media, email notices, word of mouth, and text alerts, the inspection of items are scheduled for specific times. Many smaller start up construction companies can take this opporunity and save money on the start up cost. Following Auction Sales and being notified by the Alert is very important, not missing the chance to bid on particular equipment the construction company may need to fulfill a construction contract. Heavy Equipment Auctions have been a big part in developing sub divions for over 100 years. Never miss an Auction again, just sign up for Text & Email Alerts Now. Saving money is a big part in construction development and expanding the margins.


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Michael Grosso