Upon signing a contract with you, we begin the process. Once we thoroughly go through merchandise we produce an auction catalog which gets sent to our online platform which bidders can start to preview before the auction starts showing description, lot number, how many items per lot, reserve if any and current bid. The auction may call for a one day inspection and a one day auction. It can also be a timed auction which can be viewed for 5-10 days depending on the circumstances. Catalogs also include the terms and conditions for each lot. Before a bidder starts to bid they need to register before they are able to enter the online auction. This customer information will be submitted into a data base and used for future auction announcements. On auction day at the live site location, bidders will sign in and be issued a bidder paddle or name tag. When the auction begins, terms and conditions are read out loud so everyone is on the same playing field. Auctioneers should be very knowledgeable with the products being sold. If it is not an area they are familiar with they can tend to bring in experts in that area of expertise and help guide them to get top dollar. As always the sale goes to the highest bidder, on each lot that has been brought up on the auction block day of auction.

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Michael Grosso