Auction purchases bring great value to the buyer and final seller desistance to a business decision. Most commonly ways of payment for the goods purchased at an auction would be cash as number one form of payment. Other forms of payments would be credit cards which in certain cases need to be verified with banks. Checks can be also collected after passing through a check reader indicating payment is guaranteed. Money orders and cashiers checks are also a form of payment. All transactions would most definitely need to be secured before any items are released from auction site. In some cases a service fee will be added for use of a credit card transaction, but is not always the case. When receiving checks the item or items will be kept until it clears the bank. Most definitely third party checks would not be an option. Another point is that post dated checks also would never be accepted, money must be guaranteed at the time of payment. If paying by check a drivers license or other form of ID must be present in order to accept check payments. If for any reason the check doesn't clear the check processing a cash payment would be required for removal of item or items. If purchaser is tax exempt the purchaser must show an updated current resale certificate in order to be exempted from sales tax.