The Various Items You Can Find at a Restaurant Auction

Restaurant auctions offer a diverse array of items that cater to the needs of both restaurateurs and budding entrepreneurs in the foodservice industry. Here’s a comprehensive list of items commonly found at restaurant auctions:

  1. Kitchen Equipment:
    • Commercial ovens (convection, pizza, deck, etc.).
    • Ranges, griddles, and fryers.
    • Refrigerators, freezers, and walk-in coolers.
    • Food preparation equipment (slicers, mixers, food processors).
    • Industrial dishwashers and sinks.
    • Steam tables, warming cabinets, and holding equipment.
    • Exhaust hoods and ventilation systems.
    • Ice machines and beverage dispensers.
  2. Furniture and Fixtures:
    • Tables, chairs, and bar stools.
    • Booths and banquettes.
    • Hostess stands and podiums.
    • Bar counters and back bars.
    • Shelving units and storage racks.
    • Display cases and merchandising equipment.
    • Lighting fixtures and decorative elements.
  3. Dining Room Supplies:
    • Dinnerware, glassware, and flatware.
    • Table linens and napkins.
    • Serving trays and platters.
    • Condiment holders and dispensers.
    • Menus, signage, and promotional materials.
  4. Restaurant Decor:
    • Artwork, paintings, and decorative pieces.
    • Wall mirrors and clocks.
    • Plants and greenery.
    • Themed decor elements (e.g., vintage signage, neon lights).
  5. Smallwares and Utensils:
    • Cookware (pots, pans, baking sheets).
    • Chef knives and utensils.
    • Cutting boards and prep tools.
    • Serving utensils and tongs.
    • Mixing bowls and measuring cups.
    • Kitchen gadgets and accessories.
  6. Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems:
    • Cash registers and POS terminals.
    • Credit card machines and scanners.
    • Receipt printers and label makers.
    • Order management software and accessories.
  7. Outdoor Equipment:
    • Patio furniture and umbrellas.
    • Outdoor heaters and fire pits.
    • Outdoor cooking equipment (grills, smokers).
  8. Miscellaneous Items:
    • Cleaning supplies and equipment.
    • Office furniture and supplies.
    • Safety equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid kits).
    • Restaurant memorabilia and collectibles.

These items can vary depending on the size and type of the restaurant, as well as the specific needs of the auction attendees. Whether you’re looking to outfit a new restaurant, upgrade existing equipment, or simply add unique pieces to your collection, restaurant auctions offer a treasure trove of items at competitive prices.

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Michael Grosso